The Marketing Mentor & Me

I first met Josiah Go when he mentored me and my friends on our first business venture more than 20 years ago. We lost touch after we closed that company but was blessed to have reconnected with him a few years ago when he dropped by Mercato to meet with our partners RJ and Anton. To my surprise, he remembered me as that young, wide-eyed entrepreneur and even recalled that it was one of my partners then who asked him to mentor us and outrightly told him we “couldn’t afford him but promise to treat him out to dinner every time we consulted.” Whether it was the hunger in our eyes or the hunger in our bellies that he saw, he willingly accepted.

Since then, Josiah has been so generous with his time and wisdom. He would take the time to meet for some brainstorming, or for consultation to give me advice on my businesses, and even supported Mompreneur Manila by being a speaker in our very first Summit.

At THINK BIG: The 1st Mompreneur Summit (2012)

Josiah loves bringing people together and he recently set up the Whitespace Club for professionals in different fields and with various backgrounds to meet, discuss different issues and learn from each other. I was asked to speak last May about being a “multi-hyphenate mompreneur” and it was a very worthwhile learning experience for all.

At the Whitespace Club meeting. I’m at the center, Josiah behind me, seated to my left is Chiqui Escereal-Go, Josiah’s wife who is also a mentor to many.

I also noticed he would always take the time to give me a pat on the back and never hesitate to give words of encouragement.

His recent post brought tears to my eyes because I remembered and missed my Dad. Josiah Go on Instagram

Now, a big honor has been bestowed on me by my dear mentor as he has featured me in his new blog, The Marketing Mentor, With the same bafflement/amazement I feel when I look back at my entrepreneurial journey and I sometimes wonder how I got here, I wonder, Josiah, how I ended up on your blog and be among the bigwigs in the corporate world, entrepreneurship and marketing. Then, I realize it’s because of your unwavering belief in what I do and support for our advocacy for mom-entrepreneurship!

I am humbled, honored and feel that perhaps I would’ve been more comfortable should this have come many years from now, or when I have a few more and bigger businesses and successes under my belt. But then if this helps raise the flag (translate: itayo ang bandila!) of mompreneurship for my fellow mompreneurs, then I am grateful as I have always been for your constant support. Thank you Josiah!

(Photo credit: Sense & Style Magazine)

To read about my journey and learnings as an entrepreneur, and gain so MANY tips and secrets of some of business and marketing individuals we all look up to, visit www.josiah.go (or click on the photo above).

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