Technomarine: A Thoughtful Gift for a special Dad

We’ve been together as a couple a total of 26 years. 6 years as a couple in college, and 19 years (going on 20 this July) as a married couple. With this length of time together, so many occasions have been spent together, it has admittedly become more and more difficult to find a special gift for my hubby, Gary.

Father’s day is officially here and together with our kids, we’ve been thinking about what we could give him to make him happy and make him feel how special he is as a daddy.

Daddy Dribbles

This came out in my Facebook memories feed. Gary and the kids 4 years ago…

Father's Day @daddydribbles

With Gary’s many interests, it could be something related to basketball, something to add to his shoe collection, or perhaps a new collectible for this toy aficionado. But these things are nothing new, not enough to surprise him, so what else?

How about a new watch? This could be a good idea- it’s something practical because he would use it often if not everyday. It’s something he needs because Gary very seldom treats himself to a watch or special accessories for himself. And giving someone a timepiece is giving him or her something extra special, it being a personal gift requiring extra thought, and it would be on his wrist, making him remember us (hopefully) every time he looks at it. Of course part of it being extra special and extra personal is choosing a good brand so it was only perfect that we received an invitation from Technomarine.

Technomarine Cruise Jellyfish
One of Technomarine’s latest designs, The Technomarine Cruise Jellyfish

Technomarine is a brand founded in 1997 in Switzerland. Its focus is on “active luxury” with its timepieces showcasing quality, sophistication, originality, and quality. TechnoMarine constructs each watch with the highest of standards and finest materials.

Learning about the brand when we visited their Shangri-la Mall East Wing store, the very knowledgeable and professional personnel, Thirdy and Ivan, shared with us that Technomarine was first known for its succeeded in combining fun and colorful silicone face covers and interchangeable straps with a stylish metal face or bracelet, or even metal faces with diamonds.

Father's Day with Technomarine

Father's Day with Technomarine
The Cruise Star, features a full bezel diamond bracelet and comes with silicone face covers and straps.

That is #freedomandelegance epitomized. The freedom to play with different combinations and have fun with it while keeping things stylish and elegant on your wrist. So I asked Gary to choose one piece that would “speak to him” and one he’d be happy to bring home for father’s day.

It was difficult to make a choice because there were so many nice, smart, stylish pieces.
Father's Day with Technomarine

He was able to select a shortlist of three:

Father's Day with Technomarine
The Technomarine Cruise Night Vision, a chronograph watch with super luminova that glows. The Cruise line is inspired by the sea manta, as you will notice the subtle resemblance in the watch’s shape. The glass is made with flame fusion technology making it scratch resistant.

Father's Day with Technomarine
The Technomarine Sea Manta with stainless steel straps

Father's Day with Technomarine
The color orange is always a favorite, especially when matched with shades of gray.

Father's Day with Technomarine
This is the Technomarine Reef Titanium, features a sapphire crystal glass which is highly scratch resistant. This line is inspired by the coral reefs.

Father's Day with Technomarine
Also one of Technomarine’s newest lines, the Technomarine Manta Neo Classic collection. It also comes with a chronograph function and 200 meter water resistance. The watch also features a silver pattern dial with real diamonds and a stainless steel bracelet. This particular design is the 2-tone Rose Gold color which is on trend these days.

Father's Day with Technomarine
This is the Cruise Medusa which I personally fell in loved with. Interestingly enough, the design is actually for women. It is an oversized ladies timepiece wth a mother of pearl face, its glass also of flame fusion technology. We found out that the men’s version has a black face and black straps however it was out of stock in the Shangri-la branch.

Father's Day with Technomarine

So what did Gary choose? The Cruise Medusa– we ordered the black one from another branch and the Technomarine team made sure we received it before Father’s day.

Technomarine - Father's day

I’d say it is perfectly his style, casual and rugged but stylish and elegant. This is actually the brand’s persona- Technomarine’s timepieces offer a balance of durability and elegance, no wonder it has made a name for itself in the Philippine scene for many years now.

Technomarine - Father's day

If you’re stil looking for a special father’s day gift, you may want to consider a Technomarine. Here are their list of branches: Technomarine Shangri-la, TechnoMarine Greenbelt 3, TechnoMarine TriNoma, Megamall, Rob Galleria, Rob Magnolia, North Edsa, Cebu, My Tempo Resorts World, My Tempo North Edsa, White Halo and select My Diamond Stores.

Facebook: /TechnoMarinePH

Instagram: @TechnoMarinePH



Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by Technomarine. Thank you for gifting our @daddydribbles for Father’s day with a timepiece he will love for many, many years.

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