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Who doesn’t love sleep? It’s that 6-8 hours where we go off to dreamland, recharge and refresh, cuddle, snuggle, and forget about everything else. Sleep may become a luxury specially for new parents whose snooze time will be ruled by the little one, but once those early years are over, you just have to look back at the sleep deprived moments, laugh and wonder how we got through it.

For my own family, I am not embarrassed to say that we love to sleep.  On lazy weekends where our schedule is bereft of family or work obligations, errands or parties, we are 5 sleepy heads who awake at mid-morning. I know this is not the usual because when I wake up at around 10am I open my Instagram and see my mom friends already done with their meticulously prepared Filipino breakfast feasts, have ran 10Km, or are already at the grandparents’ house playing games.  Oops, I say in my head, then go snuggle back underneath the comforters.

So when I saw the Snug-a-Hug during Expo Mom last May, I became an instant fan.  It is a big plus that the product is mompreneur-made, and I met Minnie Jumaquio who patiently told me about Snug-a-Hug, its versatility and many uses.
snug a hug, mompreneur

I happily brought home a Snug-a-Hug that weekend and was happy to discover what a well-made product it was. It comes in a neat bag to keep it compact and dust free.
Snug a hug

I love that it is well-made, the stitching is solid, its stuffing is not lumpy. It’s soft enough to be cuddly but firm enough to support.
Snug a hug

I love that there is embroidered branding on the pillow. Great branding, mompreneur!
Snug a hug

I love the customized pillow cases- you can choose plain ones and printed ones. I chose this blue-green print that’s on the dark side so it doesn’t get dirty easily.
Snug a hug

Since the Snug-a-hug is a full C shape, it takes a bit of effort putting on the case. But moms will know to use the same technique to use as putting on socks on small and restless feet. Gather it up…
Snug a hug

Then put a portion on one end and pull midway before starting to cover further into the pillow..
Snug a hug

Then a fun tug-a-war begins…
Snug a hug

The Snug-a-Hug is now a fixture in our bed and the kids love it too. I love how Reese uses it and see how sound asleep she was cocooned inside the Snug-a-Hug.
Snug a hug

My son sleeps in fetal position and sometimes I get concerned about his posture. The Snug-a-hug can help keep him in a better position while asleep. Here he is road testing the new pillow, and he caught me taking his pic…oops:)
Snug a hug

Even our other family members stay snug and warm in it.
Snug a hug

Besides these obvious uses, the pillow comes with complete instructions showing different ways you can use it. From reading the illustrated flyer, you’ll see that the product will be useful from pregnancy all the way till after your baby is in his/her growing years, and can be used by every member of the family.

From pregnant moms, to breastfeeding moms, for babies, kids and adults. Based on my own experience in the past as a nursing mom, pillows must be very firm for it be used for breastfeeding support. Soft pillows will not work for breastfeeding support because your arms and the baby will just sink into it. This pillow’s firmness is just right and can even be used to support pregnant moms during sleep. Once baby is born, you can even use it to prop up baby*!
snug a hug
*never leave babies unattended with any form of pillow or bedding

This is a great product!

Besides loving the product personally, I’d like to give a thumbs up to the mom behind this business. Here’s a shortlist of what i think other mompreneurs can learn from Snug-a-Hug’s Minnie Jumaquio:

1) Exert effort in coming up with a good quality product. I love that the Snug-a-Hug is well-made, clean and durable stitching,
firm stuffing. Even the pillow cases are of good quality, down to the embroidered branding on each pillow. I would say this product could pass for selling at a premium department store or perhaps even for export.

2) Communicate your product uses, value and benefits to your customer. Snug-a-hug’s insert brochure is a big help, it doesn’t leave the product’s uses to his/her imagination. Minnie came up with a very clear and concise brochure, and it helps her customers maximize its use making them feel its worth every cent they spent on it. It is not easy to come up with collaterals that support marketing efforts for our products, but we should recognize that the hard work does pay off.

3) Exude passion. When you visit Minnie in her booth during events and bazaars, you can feel her passion for her product. This “personal touch” is a great advantage specially when “selling” to fellow moms, whose needs and wants are often just like your own.

Check out the Snug-a-Hug! Their contact details are below:

Mobile Number: 09225747537

Disclosure: My Snug-a-Hug was a gift from Minnie, however, this is an unsolicited post and is an honest review and appreciation of the product based on my personal experience.

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  1. how much does it cost? and also the pillow case?

  2. HI Cheekeegirl. A snug-a-hug sells for P 1800. Please check Snug-a-hug on Facebook:)

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