My Great Handy Helper: The Electrolux Flexio II Vacuum Cleaner

Spring cleaning season for me comes every November. I can hardly believe my last purge at home happened a year ago already.

This year, we had even more motivation to give away and dispose of stuff we don’t use or no longer need as we all actively did donation drives for the Yolanda typhoon victims. The items that were not appropriate to donate, we sold at our family garage sale in the house of Bita (my mom in law).

It took us a week or even more to sort through our closets, shelves and bodega. So during that time that sorting was going on, boxes were everywhere- in the garage, our back foyer and eventually in our living room. This was also the same time I was doing my brick wall project so there was also a lot of dust from the construction.  Needless to say, the house was a huge mess. I kept patient and after two weeks of sorting, purging, construction of my wall, we got our home back again. Aaaah.

After the boxes and mess were gone, it was time to get down to really cleaning up. Perfect timing! I was excited to test my brand new Electrolux vacuum cleaner- a super “pogi” machine don’t you think?

home improvements, diy
Electrolux’s Flexio II: the most superficial but also important thing I love about it is it looks plus that it is in my favorite color

But first, some trivia: Did you know that the first vacuum cleaner ever to be released into the market was by Electrolux? It was in 1912 when the Lux 1 (pictured below) was launched. See the evolution from this to my new friend Flexio II?


So with that kind of brand heritage comes a lot of product research and also credibility, so I was looking forward to checking how this cleaner would do especially because it was a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. I used to have a Rainbow vacuum cleaner but it eventually broke down, and I really did not find it practical to buy a replacement for it since it costs as much as a second hand car (yes! true!)!  So when I saw this wet and dry cleaner I wanted to know if it would work as well as my previous one.

The Electrolux Flexio II is a barrel-type of vacuum cleaner that can handle up to 30L of liquid inside.

home improvements, diy
R2-D2 is that you?

After the superficial, comes the functional pluses. All 3 attachments are tucked into this compartment in front- within reach and ready when you need it

home improvements, diy
Cleaning ammo

I love that with the push of the button, the cord retracts- very neat (literally and figuratively).

home improvements, diy

The button is not only an on and off switch but also allows you to adjust the power of suctioning

home improvements, diy

But the most important thing for me is, as mentioned, its wet and dry functions. Like regular vacuum cleaners, it can pick up dirt and dust and it goes into this dust bag found in the inside compartment.

home improvements, diy

Personally, I prefer to use it as a wet vacuum wherein you put water into the compartment like so

home improvements, diy
Clean water

So that when you vacuum, the dust and dirt is collected there and when you open, the particles are in the water so there are no chances of it getting blown into the air anymore. This is quite important for our households like ours who are prone to asthma and allergies.

home improvements, diy
Dust in the water

You can even place drops of essential oil into the water so that when you vacuum, the room smells fresh too as the scented air escapes through the exhaust hatch at the back of the machine. Of course another function of a wet vacuum is that you can shampoo your couch or mattress or your car upholstery, and this machine can suction the water out of the upholstery with the water going into the barrel! So cool.

We’ve used several times already and so far, it gets 10 stars in my book. It is such a great, easy and versatile machine to help us keep the house clean and maintained. Plus it not only makes the job of yayas easier, it is also a nice incentive to get the kids to help around the house when they can because it feels like play.

home improvements, diy
Cleaning fun!
home improvements, diy
Concentrating on the little fibers and dust…
home improvements, diy
A new kind of play that helps mom and yayas too. hehe.
home improvements, diy
Reaching the corners and edges
home improvements, diy
She used the brush nozzle to clean the books and small decor on the tables
home improvements, diy
and even the picture frames. Go girl!
home improvements, diy
Reminded me of my last facial…

Even our driver Andy is happy with this new handy helper. Since it is a heavy duty cleaner, it can be used in the garage, even in the garden or my kids’ crafts area where there is always small pieces of carton, wires and the like! I noticed that it’s so powerful it can pick up everything from dust, to stray hair and fibers even scrap paper, wood shavings and gravel. By the way, my new handy helper even has a blower function. You can use it to dry out carpets or small rugs, or blow out filings from a diy project or leaves from a porch.

I noticed that the vac can get a bit heavy if there’s a lot of water in the compartment, so good thing it has wheels that make it easy to move the cleaner around as needed.

home improvements, diy

Check out Yaya’s smile (believe me, big smile na yan in yaya’s standards heehee)
home improvements, diy

The amazing news about the Flexio II Electrolux Vacuum cleaner is really the price. Especially compared to my last vacuum cleaner which, as I said, cost as much as a second hand car. This one is only selling at Php 7,295 and Electrolux is running holiday promos wherein appliances including this Flexio II vacuum cleaner and other models are sold at 50% off! If you can visit the Mommy Mundo bazaar this Sunday, it will be available then!

Electrolux as a brand is a great discovery for me now that I have my own home. (My last memory of the brand is when they used to have the famous “Friendly Electrolux man” TVCs.) I’ll share with you my other fave Electrolux appliances in my next posts. Its functions are so well thought out and really made to make our lives easier as moms and homemakers. Their slogan “Thinking of you” is quite perfect, I would say.

I’m proud to be one of Electrolux’s digital brand ambassadors for its Wear Your Passion campaign. This brand ranks high in my book so please check it out when you can:) Follow Electrolux on Instagram, share your own passions and get a chance to win appliances from Electrolux.:)

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  2. Luna says:

    Hi, I’d like to know how often do you use this vacuum and is it still working well? (if i’m not mistaken you got this in 2014?)

    Thanks very much!

  3. james says:

    I just want to say I am a big fan of this brand.

  4. Hi Luna. Yes we have been using the vacuum at home and even for our cars for more than a year now and it still works perfectly.

  5. Salome C. Pineda says:

    Hi Ms. Janice Villanueva, I would love to ask, where did you buy youe Flexio II wet and dry Electrolux Vacuum cleaner??? I would lkike to buy a brand new one as much as possible. Thank you very much hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.


  6. Jen A. says:

    Hi Janice, thanks for sharing this — it’s very informative. Is the vacuum cleaner still working great after a few years now? Can it also be used in beds? Thanks!

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