Monica Manzano: Mom of Many Passions

A woman of many interests and talents, Monica Manzano, is also filled with intent and passion to share her knowledge and beliefs, to teach others the things that have helped her in her own life and motherhood.

I met Monica back in 2008 when she and her friend and partner Denise (Gonzales) were new moms and were one of the first mompreneurs to join our very first Expo Mom event at the Rockwell Tent. Since then, they have joined every single Expo Mom and are only one of two who have complete attendance:). Their dedication and tenacity in spreading the word on natural parenting even garnered them a nomination at our first Mompreneur Awards.

My little globetrottersThrough Indigo Baby they opened people’s eyes to the benefits of babywearing and choosing organic products for baby’s skin , offering their own products for other moms and families to enjoy. Their story is an inspiring one. They remained the beautiful, hip mamas, living up to their “yummy-mummies” title they coined for themselves, while encouraging other moms to do the same. Monica got certified as a yoga instructor and was one of the faces of Beyond Yoga when it introduced Anti-Gravity Yoga to the local scene. My little globetrotters

As they grew in passion and purpose, they founded FLOW Surf Yoga Samba with another “yummy mummy” friend, Noelle Hilario. The FLOW ladies continue offering their boutique getaways with the triad of wellness experiences in one go.

After giving birth to her second child, Monica is also now a voice for the mindful birth advocacy, and we thought her (and Denise) as perfect models for our nursingwear line. Here’s a touching photo of Monica and baby Maya who was then just a few months old.

My little globetrotters

To celebrate her latest passion project, Monica recently invited some of her friends to an intimate party which I was honored to be part of. The gathering was meant to mark another new endeavor for her, a new blog, this time focused on her family travels called

The event was set at the 2 bedroom suite of Aruga at Rockwell, styled by none other than Indy of @SheDreamsinInk and School of StylingPH.

My little globetrotters

My little globetrotters

My little globetrotters

Pompoms My little globetrotters

There were fun games and activities

My little globetrotters

Trips were raffled off for best statements on what travel means to us.

My little globetrotters

We were treated to lots of goodies and gifts

My little globetrotters

From @arugabyrockwell, Lagu beachblanket from @Lifeonthesands, @moringana Malunggay capsules, Baby Mum-mums rice crackers (healthy snacks for babies/tots) from @modernmamaph, and… My little globetrottersBrown belly (@brownbellyswimwear) and of course, IndigoBaby (@indigobabyshop) My little globetrotters

from @anagutch #Bodyfoodallnatural My little globetrotters@LuluDK_ph tattoos

and enjoyed awesome company from fellow “yummy mummies” !My little globetrotters

In Monica’s first blog, Dharma Dreams Big, she writes this post, dated January 29, 2009, when she was about to leave for a 45-day teacher training to be a yogi. I’d like to share this here because her words will speak to all of us working mamas, passionate mamas, mamas who live with half our hearts with our children, and yet, even if it doesn’t make sense, our love is doubled, tripled, and more, because of the love we want to share with others:

“There was a time that I thought being a good mom meant staying at home 24/7. Now I have come to terms with the fact that empowered women/moms CAN also do more and FLY. I have always said that I have respect for mothers that work (because it breaks their hearts to leave their babies behind) but now I really mean it. Because I will be doing that very same thing I vowed not to do, work/train away from home. Being a mom should NOT stop me from doing what I want to do, becoming who I was meant to be. Sure, I may have to sacrifice at first, prioritize… but I can still compromise and work around my schedule. Motherhood shouldn’t hinder me from passions, dreams, goals. In fact, I am defined MORE because despite having to be fully responsible for another dependent human being, I can STILL be able to accomplish more.”

(read the complete post here) Monica, sets us, all who know and watch her fly, on another great adventure with her new blog. This time, this purposeful, mindful, free spirited mama friend of mine will share her family’s travel adventures with us, with loads of tips, tricks, stories and advise on traveling with your kids in tow. My little globetrotters
Keep the passion going, Mons! I’m proud to know you!

Monica’s pages:
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