Into the Mind Museum

They prepared us well for what we were about to experience. Science was written everywhere, from the 3D photo booth to the drinks served in test tubes…


mind museum

My friend Vanessa eating ice cream from a beaker…
mind museum

We had a warm welcome from Aedi, the female robot. This was of course the launch of the first world-class science museum in the Philippines, the Mind Museum at Taguig.


We had a great experience with some of the 200+ exhibits inside.  C had a hair-raising experience with the Static Ball…


Here, Z saw his heartbeat in a visual way– if you hold on to the sensor, the light goes on and off based on your actual heart beat!

This was our favorite part- the Shadow Box. You enter a cave-like room, and pose across a light. Wait for the light to flash, then see your shadow on the phosphorescent wall. The image stays for 15 seconds until it fades away.


Check us out, sitting in front of the Villanueva family shadow portrait. Wish I had a phosphorescent wall at home:)

mind museum

We also learned about fossils in this area
mind museum

Then there was Stan, the T.rex–
See my daughter at the center. She obviously did not like him.

So I tried to lighten the mood by showing R how tiny we were compared to gigantic Stan. Just look at the difference in our foot size!

That, of course, did not help at all. Sheesh, mom.


On the second floor, we came across Mimo, the mind museum omnibot who roams around the area and automatically avoids obstacles


R loved playing the harp that functioned on lasers. It made music but had no strings!


mind museum
Gary tried out the machines that supposedly were used at different points of history

Our visit to the Mind Museum was a well-spent afternoon which everyone enjoyed. From me and Gary, our kids whose ages range from 5 to 14. It was a mix of fun and education, and that it THE best way to learn.

The kids and I with the Mind Museum’s Operations Manager, Chiqui Batac, and curator, Maribel Garcia (1st and 2nd from the left)

Personally I’d like to thank all the donors who helped fund the Mind Museum project, for all the people who are working so hard the past 5 years to bring this project from just being an idea to the reality that it is now. Our children and all who come after will greatly benefit from your passionate work!

The Mind Museum officially opens on March 16! It is advisable to book your tickets online before going because tours are scheduled.  The Mind Museum’s official website is Our Mommy Mundo feature on the Mind Museum is here.

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