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All my life, I’ve never really been overweight, never needed to go on a special diet nor workout for the sake of losing weight.  In fact I’d usually be classified as “thin”. I wear a size 4 in most, even XS in some. However, I noticed as years go by it’s been getting more and more difficult to keep inches off in areas like my belly, thighs and upper arms. Even with my regular workouts, combining zumba and Barre3, I notice very minimal changes in these parts of my body and it gets quite frustrating. I’d catch myself ranting about it so often in fact, that Reese had began echoing me. One time she asked “Mom, is my tummy big?” when she tried on a new dress, and I swore to be more careful with my ranting next time.

It’s hard though, specially when faced with tight waistbands, jiggly arms, and rarely fitting into skinny jeans because it only reaches up to my knees (lol!) when I put them on.

So when I met the most charming, gracious woman behind Marie France, NJ Torres, over dinner and she invited me to the launch of their newest Marie France product I felt like it was a gift from heaven. God must have heard my constant dismay on my not-so-firm body parts. After all, the product about to be launched is the new i.Lipo Body-Shaping Laser.

Marie Frances says: “This US FDA-approved for circumference reduction via laser lipolysis, i.lipo has been clinically-proven to give visible, measurable results after just one session. i.Lipo uses low-level laser energy to target and breakdown fat cells in specific areas, like the tummy, arms, and thighs. Instant inch-loss and body-shaping are achieved safely and painlessly, and all while you are lying down.”

Body-shaping! Tummy. Arms. Thighs. Exactly what I needed, thank you.

So to the event I went. First we had lunch at Chef Jessie’s much talked about 180 Revolving Restaurant where we had a delicious lunch not unexpected from Chef Jessie.

Marie France provided a calorie count for each dish and though it was tempting to choose the offerings with higher caloric content since we were going to have our treatments after anyway,  I remained good.

Before we ended lunch, NJ introduced the “body of evidence” of Marie France, Delamar Arias.

Del, who I see often now because of our events, just keeps looking better and better, and because I keep asking her, we always end up talking about Marie France! So now it’s my turn to try it out and see if I can become as sexy as Del:)

We were invited to proceed to the Marie France center a few floors down.

where here was the #sexieryou Snack bar set up for us

I entered the room and made to feel like royalty

and here I spot the magic machine!

First, measurements were taken

Then the treatment commenced

Two paddles were placed on my tummy and wrapped with a velcro fastener.

The attendant said it would be placed 30 minutes on each although she said I would actually need a bit more time on my left side than my right. Apparently we can be uneven on each side, just like our feet can also be uneven.

According to my attendant, i.Lipo uses red laser light to target unwanted fat. This explains why I am wearing my donya shades, to protect my eyes forom the red laser). Through the pads, the lasers break down the fat cells. It dissolves or metabolizes, then our body secretes the fat naturally with other wastes in our body.

It was a little warm but very comfortable and in fact relaxing, I felt like I was just in the spa, or lying on a beach. It’s all about visualization heehee.

This explains why after the hour long treatment (30mins on each side), she proceeds to the second step which loosens up, suctions (under the skin) and directs the broken down fat cells to your lymph glands so that it easily and naturally drains from your body.

And we are done. Now comes the exciting part. we do another round of measuring and found out I actually lost 0.5cm on my upper tummy, 0.5cm on my lower tummy and 1.7cm in my center, That’s a total of 2.7cm or 1.06 inches lost after an hour, and lying down!

Not only did I step out of Marie France with less inches off my body, I was also given a look inside the state of the rest of my body through this Tanita body analysis. This amazing machine gives you a clear picture on the state of your body just by holding onto its metal handles.

Things I need to work on: I need to increase calcium intake. I also lack muscle mass so have to do more weight training activities.

The good news is I’m pretty lean in most places and I have a metabolic age that’s more than 10 years less my actual age! Yay!

Again, technology amazes me, and I’m glad I took the time try it out! And by the way, from my i.Lipo treatment, I went straight to a meeting. No rest needed nor downtime for this amazing new #sexieryou solution!

After treatment bliss. That’s me with Carla of, NJ Torres of Marie France, and Rina of

If you’d like to try i.Lipo for yourself. Call 894-2639 for free consultation.

Here are some interesting FAQs on i.LIpo:

What is i.Lipo?
i.Lipo is the latest breakthrough in laser lipolysis, offering fat elimination and body contouring via low-level laser energy. It is a US FDA-approved treatment that targets and breaks down fat cells in specific areas like the tummy, arms, and thighs. With i.Lipo, inch-loss and body shaping are achieved safely and painlessly.

How does i.Lipo work?
i.Lipo stimulates the body’s natural response to fat-burning by utilizing low levels of visible red laser light to target and eliminate unwanted fat. With treatment pads placed on the problem area, i.Lipo emits laser energy to prompt fat cells to break down the stored triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. These are then transported to tissues for use when the body needs its energy reserves, thereby promoting metabolism. Once metabolized, these are eliminated through the body’s natural processes.

Who are the candidates for i.Lipo?
i.Lipo is best for those who are struggling with stubborn excess fat on particular areas, like the arms, tummy, and thighs. It is recommended for those who want a more defined figure, as it helps to contour the body to its ideal shape. And since it is non-invasive, it is also perfect for those who do not want to undergo risky surgical fat reduction procedures.

How long does a session take?
It varies depending on the size of the treatment area. But in general, it usually takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Is it safe?
Very safe. i.Lipo is non-ablative and only focuses on the target area. It does not affect nor damage surrounding skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. Moreover, it can be performed on all skin types.

Is it painful?
Not at all. Clients have described the treatment to feel like a massage. But a slight warm sensation may be felt from the treatment pads, depending on the skin’s sensitivity.

Is there downtime?
There is no downtime. Normal activities can be resumed right after the treatment.

What results can be expected from i.Lipo?
Painless fat reduction and body shaping. You can achieve 2 to 4cm fat loss in your problem area in just a single session. An ultrasound imagery has likewise shown up to 30% reduction in fat layer depth after one treatment. And you can expect results to keep improving with more treatments. It has also been clinically-proven to yield results comparable to liposuction; another thing is to compare i.Lipo price with how much does liposuction cost.

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