Harnessing our Kids’ Interests

One of my wishes for my kids is that they discover themselves early in life and find what they are good at and what they are passionate about.  I think that we parents have a role to play here because the more activities and experiences we expose our kids to, the more opportunity for him/ her to find out where they can excel and be involved.

That’s one reason why I organize events like Expo Kid every year- I gather the best and most interesting activities and workshops for children and put them all under one roof.  The event happens right before summer kicks off, enough time for the kids to try all the activities in one go, and by the end of the event, he / she would be able to say “Mom, I’d like to take up ____ for summer!”

This is the 4th time we held this annual event and I’d have to say that this year’s line up was the best so far. So many of my favorite activity providers joined and their activities and booths provided so much room for discovery, engagement and fun for the kids who came.  Moms and Dads were happy too because it took out the guesswork in finding what their kids would enjoy and learn from for the summer months.

Check out our Expo Kid exhibitors in this post.

For my own kids, I like mixing up their activities. Ideally I would want them to engage in three types of activities: one activity to keep their bodies moving, one that harnesses their creativity, and one that would supplement their academics.  Signing them up for all that I want for them would only be possible if time and energy would permit, of course. I’m not one who believes in over scheduling the kids and I also try to find what’s reasonable logistically, because of the bad traffic these days.  It’s also a plus that my two younger kids are in progressive schools.  They have relatively less homework load, so there’s a bit more time to indulge in extra curricular activities.

For my youngest, Reese, I love that she is engaged in sports. She started learning to play tennis with our Coach at the village park and even signed up for her school’s tennis club last semester.

Propan TLCShe also enjoys riding her bike around the village and goes to the park with her Dad to play. Propan TLC

Presently, Reese, started taking this last summer and is having the time of her life learning mental math at CMA.

Propan TLC Propan TLC

Reese is also a music lover and loves to dance.

Propan TLCPropan TLC

Even with all these interests, I love that she doesn’t mind spending a day at home and she will always find something to keep her occupied.  She writes stories, draws, does crafts and she reads a lot too.

Propan TLCI think it’s a blessing that my daughter lives a balanced life. It shows in her interests and activities, and I know that getting into things she loves and enjoys will help her develop her skills and a positive self-image, grow her confidence and just make her an all around happy kid! Propan TLC

Let’s not forget that just as important is keeping her healthy too so that she has the physical stamina and energy to go for things she loves to do. I am one of those who believe in taking daily multivitamins – simply because I think our diets may not be enough to give us the nutritional values we should be taking in daily. Before Reese brushes her teeth at night; she drinks her soymilk and then takes her daily Propan TLC!

Propan TLC

Here’s to our happy and healthy children!

This is a sponsored post by Propan TLC, a brand that believes in providing complete and proper nutrition for children.  In fact, TLC stands for Tamang Lusog for Children, “Tamang Lusog” represents Propan’s product highlights-it offers every child’s daily nutrient needs such as Vitamin A – for sharper eyesight, 100% Vitamin C – for stronger immunity against sickness, Lysine – for appetite-enhancement, Chlorella – for faster growth, Taurine – for sharper memory and absorption, Vitamin E – for healthy skin; and Vitamin B – to create more energy. 

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